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The Japan Sustainable Investment Forum (JSIF) was formed in 2003 as a Japan’s not-for-profit organization promoting the concept and practices of sustainable and responsible investment in the country. JSIF provides a forum for the interactive exchange of ideas and research for financial institutions, academics, government organization and other interested parties in the field of sustainable investment. JSIF also encourages companies to provide disclosures of non-financial information to build a sustainable society through the sound development of the financial market. JSIF is a member organization of the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA) and contributes to the market study of Japanese sustainable investing.

We have released “Sustainable Investment Survey in Japan 2023“.


Release 18.04.2024

Release 11.07.2023

Release 26.06.2023

2022 Sustainable Investment Survey Results

Release 01.07.2022

GSIA Market Update Webinar Latest ESG developments in Japan
17th June 2022

Release 16.05.2022

Release 13.04.2022

Release 30.06.2021

Release 18.06.2020

Mr Masaru Arai, Chair, and other members of the Japan Sustainable Investment Forum participated in the study group.

Release 01.06.2020

Release 29.08.2019

Report Release 11.11.2018

Release 03.01.2018

Report Release 24.04.2017

Release 29.11.2016

Report Release 28.10.2016

Release 10.06.2016

Release 23.02.2016(Presentation for RI Asia 2016)

Release 15.01.2016

Review of Socially Responsible Investment Japan